These showbags are included in the 2 hour party Program from so if you have booked that party- you don’t need these

We believe that our showbags are the best in Australia. See for yourself in the video below

Many of us have been to the easter show and bought the magic showbags and found rubbish in them. Our Showbags are include 7 amazing magic props and a Instructional DVD.

The retail value of these bags


  • Floating toothpick retails for $7
  • Talking Dice retails for $4.95
  • Ring and spring retails for $3
  • Dice explosion retails for $4.95
  • A rising Magic wand retails for $2
  • Appearing wand retails for $1
  • The appearing coin paddle retails for $2
  • Instructional DVD retails for $10

Try to find everything on Ebay price = $34.90

Our Price $7

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