Introduction to Magic

Purchasing this course allows you to learn every single trick in this category- all 52 tricks via expert online video training- re-watch all the lessons over and over again.


Welcome to the amazing world of Magic-
Here’s what you will get:


Expert instruction on:

Easy Magic with expert instruction and slow motion replays and close ups.  The props for the tricks here can be bought at hardware shops and office shops and are extreme low cost

Total: 35 tricks

  • Easy Card Magic tricks
  • Coin Magic
  • Rubber band magic
  • General every day items tricks
  • Sight Gags
  • simple hand shadows

Balloon Animals

We teach you where to get the balloon, how to use the cheap ones from kmart and the basics plus

  • The Dog
  • The Giraffe
  • The simple Sword
  • Easy Sword Shield
  • The numchucks
  • The cross bow (yes it fires)
  • The swan
  • The Mouse
  • Simple Hat
  • Small flower
  • large flower/palm tree

Advanced Card Magic

For those who want more than simple card tricks- these are the beginning moves you need to learn (plus tricks) including:

  • The Fundamentals
  • The Overhand shuffle (+ 2 tricks)
  • The Hindu Shuffle (+2 Tricks
  • The Glide (+2 tricks)
  • The riffle shuffle (+2 tricks)
  • Fanning and springing cards (+ more flourishes)

It’s bonus time

As a time sensitive bonus I am also including as free downloads 8 (yes 8) free Hypnotherapy MP3’s. such as quit smoking, stay in shape, etc. Now we must say we purchased the rights to sell them a few years ago- they have a 25% success rate. So these are not to be confused with the more personalised hypnotherapy you would get 1 on 1 with a Hypnotist- but if they work great- if not- it’s a free bonus. There are no guarantee’s on results from the Hypnotherapy MP3’s. (and no refunds if they fail) Instructions on how to use them are included in the download area.


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