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This website is David Welzman’s Gift to his high end corporate clients, who are interested in learning magic. If you are a corporate client we do offer all courses at no cost. For everyone else we charge a small fee to learn a lot of magic.

About David Welzman

David Welzman rose to the rank of Corporate magician a decade ago. now focusing on the USA and UK market for tradeshows. Welzman still lives in Sydney Australia.

He is the leading Trade show magician in the Southern hemisphere. and performs all over the world.  A Master of card manipulation Welzman is the ultimate teacher and has the experience to not only teach you the secrets but also empower you to actually perform. Welzman’s website can be found here

With so much free magic on youtube- why create this site?- why charge money?

The truth is Youtube has some really horrible magicians, who have clearly never performed magic before, You may sort of learn the secret but you wont be performing, you will not have any support.
Anyone with a camera can teach magic, but why learn from just anyone

There needed to be a way to learn the real secrets of magic online taught by a professional magician not only do we teach the magic but we have created a step by step course so that you not only learn the magic but you learn the right magic at the right time. You must earn the right to have access to the advanced magic.

Youtube is not organised, you learn a move here and there, and then another move, no one teaches the fundamentals, and there is no order.  our course in card magic is organised- you need to start at the beginning and not jump to the advanced moves too early, in fact we block the advanced courses until you have worked through the basics- this is the right way to teach and the best way to learn. and when you start performing you will appreciate the fact that the curious don’t have access to your secrets

Check out this side by side comparison

Here is a youtube clip of some young guy- if you can make heads or tails out of this you are better than me

The above training is wrong and doesn’t give you the information you need to really learn the move. This is a fairly standard and easy trick to do but is made much more difficult due to bad teaching

Here’s another one

Starts off good- slow- but what he demonstrates (which goes off camera) is not what he performs- it looks suspicious and when it looks suspicious it is not magic

Here is my way of teaching- notice the unique subtleties that go into making the trick work

Remember that you can put the video to full screen

There you have it- thats the difference, When we delve into some of the medium and hard tricks you’ll be happy to know we add extra slow motion replays for medium tricks (and some easy tricks) and strategic video pauses

Note the attention to detail with the thumb that makes the illusion work

Give me 1 more reason

You can learn from a magician who makes his entire income from performing magic, at high end corporate events around the world or you can learn from some unknown guy on youtube with no order, no structure and no support.

For those who understand the difference no explanation is necessary for those who do not understand the difference no explanation will suffice.

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