The video above has webinks all through it that point to your affiliate ink

affiliate link is
to get the above video copy and paste this code into your site backend use the following code in bold
(you may wish to first copy and paste into a text document and then into your website)
<iframe width=”250″ height=”208″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” allowTransparency=”true”></iframe>
of course you can play around with the size- I have set this to be 250pixels wide to fit in with your website.
If you want to share this video on social media- paste the following link into your facebook page
if this does not display the video on facebook – you can visit the above link- and then click facebook share which will display the video (sometimes it works and sometimes the video does not display when you copy and paste- but works when you share it from the viewbix page.
The good news is – with any sharing or re-sharing of the video- your affiliate links will go with it, so if your likers share it- they are sharing your affiliate link.
Affiliate area
username =
on the first time you try to enter your affiliate area you will have to create a password by clicking here   I don’t have access to the password so create whatever you want
and thereafter You can access your affiliate area- here          
which has statistics, owed money etc
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