Introduction to Magic

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Trick: Triumph

Author: WelzmanComplexity: Standard

The Great Dai Vernon invented this trick- A card is selected and shuffled into the deck. to make things worse you shuffle half the cards face up into a face…

Trick: 8 Card Brainwave

Author: WelzmanComplexity: Standard

This is an amazing trick which requires no skill- learn it quickly and start performing. The effect is simple- 8 cards are displayed and you predict which card is selected

Trick: Untouched

Author: WelzmanComplexity: Easy

A great trick where a card is predicted under mysterious circumstances. Also as the name suggests- the deck is untouched by the magician throughout the routine

How to hold the cards

Author: WelzmanComplexity: Easy

Yes I know, this sounds strange, however you need to hold the cards in a particular way in order to execute many or rather most, ok All of the moves…

Many fundamentals

Author: WelzmanComplexity: Easy

In this video lesson we show you many fundamentals all in one video including: Squaring the deck, Cutting the cards, the no table cut, Dealing cards, Dribbling the cards, Spreading…

Getting a break

Author: WelzmanComplexity: Standard

This is an essential- how to hold and how to get a break under cards- that’s why we have made this a separate video because you will want to go…

The Double Cut

Author: WelzmanComplexity: Standard

This is a special cut, that allows you to take cards from the top and re-position them to the bottom, you will want to watch the “getting a break” video…

The Overhand Shuffle control

Author: Welzman

So you have learned the overhand shuffle from the fundamentals, now it is time to learn how to control the cards in the shuffle so that from an audiences point…

Trick: Spectator cuts Aces

Author: WelzmanComplexity: Standard

Here is a great trick- the deck is shuffled- the spectator cuts the deck into 4 piles and amazingly they have cut to the 4 Aces

The Hindu Instant break Control

Author: WelzmanComplexity: Easy

This is simply a great and easy way to control a card, and to be honest you don’t even need to know the hindu shuffle to do this, but they…

Trick: The Karate Card

Author: WelzmanComplexity: Easy

A card is selected, and the magicians says he is going to cut the cards- but not a normal cut- a Karate cut. After karate cutting the cards- the selected…

Trick: Royal Flush Finale

Author: WelzmanComplexity: Hard

A Great 4 ace trick where you make the 4 aces appear in spectacular fashion as you shuffle up the cards- to end you produce a royal flush in spades