Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have much confidence- can I learn to perform

Yes- I did. growing up in school I was overweight I had extremely bad cystic acne. I was bullied excessively  In year 12 the kids younger than me called me a name I wont mention here every day of living- this destroyed me- out of highschool I had no confidence whatsoever none nada zip. I started magic when I was 21 and I found that while I was still overweight and with bad cystic acne for the first time in my life people were amazed by me- it was empowering and for the first time in my life wanted to be around other people.

I am bullied at school can magic help

The right kind of magic will grow your confidence, I can’t say if magic will remove bullying,¬† however if you perform badly and stuff up tricks you are giving fuel to bullies- so if you are going to learn – learn from someone who is a real performer.If you learn from whoever puts video up on youtube you are not getting the right teaching pus you are not getting any support.

Are the magic tricks hard

We have included easy tricks and hard tricks- As you get more confident performing the easy tricks you will feel and want to expand into more difficult tricks. Some people will just want the easy quick tricks and thats OK we have plenty of easy tricks with cards and every day items, and for those who want more we also have harder and longer magic tricks (called routines) to grow with your ability and confidence levels.

What props are needed

The tricks use every day items including:

  • Coins
  • Pens
  • Rubberbands
  • dental floss
  • bread rolls
  • rope (bought at bunnings)
  • some tricks don’t even use props

The cards used:

Preferred brand is Bicycle, however you can use queens slipper which is found in coles, woolworths and I have found them at some PB Petrol stations

There are 2 sizes; Bridge and poker sized cards- Bridge sized cards are thinner and better for small hands, poker is better for adults- both cards above are available in bridge and poker.

Will I need to buy expensive magic props

No. The deck of cards are probably the most expensive prop with rope from Bunnings being just as expensive, but we do teach some rope magic with twine which is super cheap.

Why pay for magic when I can get it for free on youtube.

A very good question, it all comes down to quality and learning the right way. You would never learn to drive a car from someone who has never driven a car would you, and therefore you should not learn a skill from those who don’t perform. The quality of youtube is very bad- anyone can upload a video- this is a problem, If you are serious about learning magic you need to learn from a full time magician who knows what he is doing.

What do I do if I stuff up the trick

This is a question you will have to ask yourself a lot if you learn from youtube- because in many times you are not learning the right way. If you learn the right way and learn what are known as “outs” you will limit your problems (an “out” is a way of getting out of a bad situation).

If I have a question on any individual lessons what do I do

Under each lesson is a place where you can write comments or ask questions, which get sent straight to David Welzmans email. Welzman will then reply. in some cases creating a new video to answer a question

Can I try before I buy?

The 5 free lessons are a way for you to try before you buy. click here and get started right now

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