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Welcome to the Introduction to Magic by Merlin Award Winning Magician David Welzman.


Below you will see a list of the various tricks and lessons you will learn (click each heading for the complete list of tricks and lessons)


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Easy Card Magic

These Tricks are very easy that you can learn very quickly

  1. cardreverseCard Reversal
    An amazing 2 phase card trick that is simply amazing
    and requires no skill whatsoever
    Learn this trick
  2. eightcard8 Card Brainwave
    Only 8 cards are used to create this amazing
    prediction with playing cards
    Learn this trick
  3. untouchedUntouched
    Amazing trick where you don’t even have to touch the cards- wow.
    Invented by a famous USA Magician
    Learn this trick
  4. 462344091_295Photocopy Card Trick
    A Prediction card trick where you predict on a photocopy of the cards the chosen selection
    Also included is an explanation of the crisscross force
    Learn this trick
  5. 462341968_295Drunken Card Trick
    A great trick- the deck is shuffled up face up into face down and you manage to right all the cards and to end you pull out the 4 aces
    Learn this trick
  6. 462351325_295Card Warp
    Amazing trick- only uses 2 cards
    hard to explain- the cards turn inside out in your hands
    Learn this trick
  7. 463125812_295The Key Card
    A great trick
    You seem to fail but come through in the end much to everyone’s surprise
    Learn this trick
  8. 463125742_295The Mind Reading Card Trick
    A Mind Reading trick using playing cards
    Easy to do magic – all the moves are done behind your back
    Learn this trick
  9. 463125807_295Double Coincidence
    A Mind Reading trick using playing cards
    Easy to do magic – all the moves are done behind your back
    Learn this trick
  10. 463141741_295Welzman’s 2UE Radio Trick
    David welzman performed this card trick on 2UE sydney
    Amazing trick that you can do over the phone to your friends- uses only 4 cards
    Learn this trick

Advanced Card Magic

In this section we teach more advanced sleight of hand with magic. First we teach a sleight of hand maneuver and then 2 card tricks to go with that new skill

  1. funCard Fundamentals
    After learning the basic no skill required card tricks early on- this set of Magic lessons is geared towards those who want to start getting serious about Card magic and using the sleights to accomplish amazing magic. This set is the first video set you need to watch in order to learn the rest of the advanced card magic because it sets the ground work for the many sleights to come. 4 video in this set
    Go to Fundamentals Page
  2. ohsThe Overhand shuffle
    Learn the Overhand shuffle the ability to have a card selected and shuffled by you and you will never lose that card- you can control the card to the top, the bottom or to a certain place within the deck. This lesson also includes 2 amazing magic tricks that utilize the overhand shuffle 4 videos in this set including 2 Tricks
    Learn the overhand shuffle
  3. hinduThe Hindu Shuffle
    A unique shuffle popular in Asia, will allow you to control the cards + to force someone to select a card you want them to select. Includes video instruction of how to do 2 amazing tricks that use the hindu shuffle. 6 videos including 2 tricks
    to Hindu shuffle page
  4. theglideThe Glide
    The glide is an easy to master card move that allows you to switch 1 card for another- after learning the glide you will get 2 tricks you can perform by utilizing the glide
    Learn this easy move
  5. riffleshuffleThe Riffle shuffle
    The classic shuffle used at casino’s world wide. this course teaches you, how to do the shuffle, how to control cards so that you don’t lose them when shuffling, how to do the shuffle in the air without a table plus the fancy waterfall finale to the shuffle. This course also includes 2 amazing tricks that use the riffle shuffle
    Learn this Shuffle
  6. flouFancy Card flourishes
    Learn how to be fancy with a deck of cards, springing cards from hand to hand, 1 handed cuts and color changes and more
    Learn these fancy moves

Coin Magic

  1. fdThe French Drop
    Make a coin disappear, reappear
    plus jump straight through your pocket
    Learn this trick
  2. 460824774_295The False Transfer
    Learn this and you can make any small item vanish.
    in this video you place a coin in your hand and it vanishes
    Learn this trick
  3. 460838152_295The spider Vanish
    A method that allows you to make a coin vanish completely
    to be used along side the above 2 lessons
    Learn this trick
  4. 460838194_295Spellbound
    The classic-
    change a 10 cent coin into a one dollar coin
    Learn this trick
  5. 460838406_295The Coin Roll
    A difficult flourish to master but worth it-
    roll a coin across your knuckles
    Learn this trick
  6. 460860056_295Easy Coin Routine
    An easy trick with a coin- while you learn the harder sleights- this one is esy to learn and will allow you to perform quicker
    Learn this trick

Rope Magic

  1. 460895300_295Super EZY cut and restored twine rope
    Simply cut a length of twine rope in half and restore is-
    very easy to do
    Learn this trick
  2. 460876557_295Classic Cut & Restored Rope
    Used by professionals world wide-
    this is a 2 phase routine
    Learn this trick
  3. 460895124_295Knot Funny
    a simply routine where you tie a knot without removing your hands-
    you then proceed to slide that knot right off the rope
    Learn this trick
  4. 460948734_295Dental Floss Gypsy Thread
    OK not rope but this is a wonderful cut and restored dental floss
    trick- I have used this at Trade shows in Dubai I love it
    Learn this trick

Rubber Band Magic

  1. 460852268_295RisingRing
    Place a ring on a broken rubber band to watch it defy gravity
    very easy
    Learn this trick
  2. 460849208_295Jumping Band
    Bands placed over the fingers jump to other fingers
    – very visual and easy
    Learn this trick
  3. 460843896_295Penetrating Bands
    Worth the price of the entire course
    Used by David Copperfield on one of his TV specials
    Learn this trick
  4. 460828310_295Broken and restored band
    Break a band
    put it back together and hand it out for examination
    Learn this trick

Super Easy Magic

Magic tricks that require very limited or no skill (Also check out the easy card tricks)

  1. trCut your thumb in half
    A classic of magic you remove the
    front of your thumb
    Learn this trick
  2. tr2Remove entire thumb slide
    take your thumb off- slide it up your arm
    and then return it to normal
    Learn this trick
  3. lpLinking Paperclips
    2 paperclips a note and a rubber band is all that
    is needed for this super easy trick
    Learn this trick
  4. 460875234_295Easy Vanish
    A great way to make any object that you can fit in your hand vanish-
    all you need is a pen or a pencil
    Learn this trick
  5. 462087021_295Site gags
    Funny visual gags- you get 3 funny gags in this lesson- put your thumb through your ear,
    click your knuckles and blowing your nose gags
    Learn this trick
  6. 461999977_295Eaten & Restored spaghetti
    Eat a long spaghetti- crunch it up and then pull it out of your mouth restored.
    then quickly make it vanish up your nose
    Learn this trick
  7. 462000517_295Indian Bean Mystery
    his is a safe trick that creates the illusion that you can put
    something in your eye or your nose and have it appear in your mouth
    Learn this trick
  8. 462000212_295Pen Through Hankey
    Take a pen or pencil- push it through a
    hanky and restore the hanky
    Learn this trick
  9. 460864881_295Crayon Mind Reading
    Easy Mind reading using Crayons with your back turned, a spectator places a colored crayon into your hand without you seeing the color- using the power of your mind you can tell what color it is without looking- amazing.
    Learn this trick

General Magic

These Tricks are very easy that you can learn very quickly

  1. 460955295_295Penetrating Match
    2 matches penetrate each other
    It doesn’t get much simpler than this in concept and it is amazing
    Learn this trick
  2. 460955207_295Electric Match
    Don’t worry no electric here
    you create the illusion of static electricity causing a match to jump
    Learn this trick
  3. 462000371_295The Hanky Mouse Puppet
    A wonderful puppet of a mouse made out of a hanky
    the little kids love this little mouse
    Learn this trick
  4. 461479702_295The floating bread roll
    Float a breadroll above the table-
    AKA The Zombie Breadroll
    Learn this trick
  5. 460959928_295Nuts & Bolts
    A professional routine-
    this will take a bit of practice but well worth it

    Learn this trick
  6. 461479778_295The Paddle Move
    A great trick to do with a pen
    make the words on the side of the pen appear and disappear
    Learn this trick
  7. 460964740_295Out to lunch
    The trick explained in this video is only the tip of the ice burg
    Many magic effects can be performed with this weird sounding principle
    Learn this trick
  8. 462471936_295The striking vanish
    A utility move that allows you to make items vanish in an instant
    Many small objects that you can fit in your hand can be caused to vaish
    Learn this trick
  9. 462471944_295The Pen vanish
    Make a Pen vanish
    we have learned a few things with a pen and this can be used as an in between effect
    Learn this trick

Balloon Animal Magic

How to make balloon animals and other balloon items

  1. 461492526_295Balloon Animal Basics
    Never twisted a balloon? then start here includes 2 videos
    an introduction plus details instruction on the pinch twist move (which is used to twist balloons)
    Learn this balloon
  2. 461502643_295The Balloon Dog
    You’ll learn to make a dog standing and a dog seated
    and a small dog with a leash
    Learn this balloon
  3. 461509511_295Turn a dog into a Giraffe
    Make a sausage dog
    then turn it into a giraffe
    Learn this balloon
  4. 461519616_295The Swan
    One of my favorites
    Very simple and beautiful
    Learn this balloon
  5. 461734601_295The Flower
    2 videos: you’ll learn the single balloon flower
    and the 2 balloon version
    Learn this balloon
  6. 461734586_295The Parrot on a swing
    very easy
    with a few simply twists
    Learn this balloon
  7. 461502703_295The Bunny Rabbit
    I like this little guy
    Very simple and cute
    Learn this balloon
  8. 461510800_295Nunchucks
    Mostly for the boys but girls like them as well
    arguably the easiest balloon to make
    Learn this balloon
  9. 461496563_295The Sword
    a simple sword
    with 1 twist
    Learn this balloon
  10. 461497820_295The Cross Bow
    Easy to make
    Yes actually fires
    Learn this balloon

Hypnotherapy MP3’s

The following 8 Hypnotherapy MP3’s will be available but only to those 18 years or over.  They play on your computer and Ipod and MP3 players.

Please note:
These Hypnotherapy MP3″s are generic in the sense that a normal Hypnotist will personalize the therapy for you as an individual, These lessons have a 20-25% success rate due to not being personlised. There is no guarantee on these working. (We wish we could guarantee them, however each mind that uses them are different)

  • Stay in Shape
  • Super learning
  • Stop smoking
  • Make your dreams come true
  • Draw in prosperity
  • draw love into your life
  • Be relaxed
  • Be confident

To use them- you would play them and listen to them a minimum of 5 times- they are very relaxing so please do not use them when driving. Most people use them as they sleep at night


ONLY $19.95 for a lifetime membership- no additional cost- Instant Access






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